Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rush Hour 3

Saw the movie last nite with huby. A must see!! Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are really really funny and the movie is really really good. I think Part 3 is their best installation, so far. We don't mind watching it again...if time permits-lar..
I tell you wat...if you're feeling unhappy and need a damn good laugh, go watch Rush Hour 3!

You'll start laughing even from the start of the movie. I'm not a fan of Chris Tucker cos i think he talks a lot but in this movie, he just didn't over-do anything. Every funny lines he delivered is just so spontaneous and 'laughfable'. Jackie Chan is still good with his moves (his body moves are just so original, nobody can do dat!!) and he is as funny as Chris too.

Its a feel-good movie, nothing tense, just funny. I recommend you movie-lovers to go out with your loved ones and watch this movie!! Its worth the money. No wonder this movie is No. 1 in USA, beating the box-office collection and overtook Ultimate Bourne. Its definately not to be missed! Simply hillarious.

Note : before the movie starts, usually they'll show a glimpse of 'coming-soon' movies coming to town. We saw 'Rogue Assassin', starring Jet Li and Jason Statnam...looks promising, hope another good action movie to look-out for.

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