Monday, August 06, 2007

Trip to Dentist

Yeah, i normally don't like going to dentist. To me, its like you're sitting on a 'death chair'...waiting for them to pull the electric-plug and you'll get the shock. I don't mind going for scalling or if they have to fill my teeth but to extract it?? ...omygosh!!

Last friday, i chipped my uppper-left-end-molar, the doctor said 'wisdom teeth'. Last 2 years, the doctor told me that i have to extract it out but i never bother to. After chipping it off, i think it got to my nerves cos i'm feeling pain and my head start to throb. I informed huby about it. He said if its major, then we have to see the doctor. But i told him, i think i can bear with it.....hell, no!!

Since the dentist close at 6pm, after fetching me from the office, huby drove me to the dentist in USJ. My hands and feet were already so cold when i reached the clinic. I have to wait for the doctor to attend to one patient. But hearing the drilling sound from the doctor's room already gives me butterly in my tummy. Well.....i still have to face it right.

Then, the attendant calls my it comes....the 'death-chair'. Lucky thing, the doctor is 'an angel'. She's really really soft and really really patient and really really gently. What more can you ask for? She checked my teeth and asked me, there are 2 options, either to extract it or to do crowing. If if opt for crowing, then i have to see her 3 times for the process. 3 TIMES!!! way!! Well, you guess it right, i told her to extractt it. She asked me 3 times, whether i'm sure or not....hell yes!!

Since the teeth is not so good already, she's got diffulty in pulling it off. I was already feeling nauseatic. It took her a few hard minutes to take out the stubborn molar....i think the root is deep. But it was a relief when she said, okey its already out...fuuiiih!!

But the post-extract gave me a hard time. Few years back I've extracted a molar before but it only took 1 day to be okey. But this particular 'wisdom teeth' gave me an upset weekend. I havent been able to enjoy my food, i have to eat porridge and i've to spit once in a while cos it still bleeds. At the same time i have to take antibiotic that the doctor presribed and i'm allergic to strong antibiotic. Since taking the antibiotic, i got pumpertation and my whole body got weak.

Since i wasn't feeling well on Sunday, most of the time i was at home, lying on the bed and became a potato couch. Poor hubby, he cannot go anywhere cos i wasn't in a mood to do anything. Since i already ate porridge for lunch, he fried a few pieces of the yummy 'Ayamas Lemongrass Fried Chicken' for me....oww...he's such a darling. We just had that for dinner while watching HBO comedy 'The Benchwarmers'. Hope my gum will get well soon.

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