Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Starlight Cinema

I got 2 tickets free to watch Starlight Cinema from the 'Mystar' membership. It was a Friday nite affair. I bot my fren there (hubby not keen on outdoor concept). We met at McDonalds just beside Centrepoint. The show is at KBU International College. We brought our mats and mosquito repellent, just in case and bought some light food. The show title is 'Because i said so'. Hmm...not a bad movie lar.

Parking space was ample. When we gave our tickets, the sponsor gave few Hello and Juice magazines of few month's issue as a 'door gift'. We found our spot, right in the middle of the field. BTW, KBU has a very big field and windy too. We lay our mat and our food-stuff/drinks. And waited for the movie to start. Quite a crowd. I forgot to bring my camera so too bad, could not capture the moment.

But overall, its a fun experience. For me, i think it will be my last lar. Its because i have backache-problem, so i have problem with sitting on my butt for too long. But i guess youngster would love the concept. I don't encourage old people to go...pity them. It caters more to younger generation. As long as the weather is good and no rain, it should be a nice experience.

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