Friday, August 24, 2007

My office cubicle + desk

This is my IBM desktop and my HP flat screen + digital key-phone.

This is my cutesy HP black/white printer. I encouraged myself using recycle papers for my internal/non-formal documentation.

Some of the souvenirs from colleagues. And that is my radio which looked like a microphone....unique eh!

This is Super SOD's Wall of Fame. Some fridge magnets from colleagues who goes overseas and some photos.

My breakfast if there is no nasilemak or mihun goreng. Sometimes become my lunch if we all don't feel like going out.

My waste-paper basket with a box of recycled envelopes neatly arranged for easy access, hehehe.

Last but not least, another corner is my money plant with framed-photos of SOD department girls and with our past and present boss.


Sweettooth said...

funny isn't it??? when i've known u all my life but seing ur i've never known u b4. but i love ur!

Dazzelyn said...

eh, show lar ur office pulak...then i can see how u work...hehehe...

Sweettooth said...

ok will do so one day. tp mmg betul kan...we might know that person very well but syiok jugak dpt tengok tmpt2 yg that person spend most of her/his time kan.