Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off blogging for awhile

I'm taking leave for a 'Cuti-Cuti Malaysia'. Destination : Kuching, Sarawak. Papa especially have not been to Kuching, so we decided to go there again. I've been there with bee on a few occassions.

This year's cuti-cuti Malaysia was supposed to be in KK cos both my parents haven't been there too. But after further discussion and meetings, we all decided on Kuching. Its kinda last minute and its the only date which everyone is available to take leave.

Its a 4D/3N affair. Staying at Harbour View Hotel (Auntie L beriya-iya recommended us this hotel, she said a lot of Semenanjung people stayed there). However, its gonna be my first time doing its 'city-tour' and only meet up with my auntie and uncle during dinner. Hope the trip to Serikin will 'menjadi'....

Have a productive week!! :)