Monday, November 03, 2008

Cuti-cuti Malaysia, Meow-Meow CT

Kuching is hot!! I meant the weather!! Its hot in Semenanjung but in Kuching, the heat doubles. Nevertheless, i think tis is d best trip in Kucg. More meaningful cos my parents joined d bandwagon.

Itinerary is full. No time to even rest, not enough sleep but plenty of food to eat...hahaha..

We rent an 11 seater van to pick us up from the airport to the hotel. Once we checked-in, all of us took a walk at the nearest restaurant to have lunch. The name of the place is 'Moly's Place'...not bad lar. After lunch we all went to the Waterfront Bazaar for shopping. So many things to see and buy. We managed to buy a few souveniers and walk back to the hotel which is a walking distance. Later in the evening, Uncle H picked us up at 7:30pm with 2 cars and adjourned to Aunty L's house for dinner.

1st nite dinner at Aunty L's house. She cooked lotsa local dishes for us to tyrout. And the weather was good, we had out supper at her beautiful backyard garden.

On the 2nd day, by 9:00am the van pick us up for city tour. But first we sent Papa & Mama to Sarawak Cultural Village while we all lepaq at the Damai Puri (last time known as Damai Lagoon). Beautiful place. Steal some time to lepak at its coffeehouse and had ice-creams and sandwiches.

By noon, we all went to Sarawak Museum and visit the Sarawak Pottery and see how they make pottery out of clay....(i don't wanna get my hands dirty, hehe).

We made a short visit to the latest mall in Kuching, Spring. Wah, Kuching dah ada mall....cantik beb...and they have Charles & Keith here! At Spring, we all sempat have a shared snacks at Sugar Bun.

...with an excuse in Semenanjung don't have Sugar Bun, hehehe...

2nd nite dinner at Top Spot. One of the seafood heaven for Kuching people. The food is good and Uncle H overdid it again....he ordered lotsa and lotsa dishes.

3rd day lunch at Aunty L's house. Tapau-ed Mee Kolok, Laksa Sarawak & Sate & Durians.

3rd nite dinner at K's house.

Last day, we all had tea at Aunty L's house.
Left Kuching late evening on Saturday. We picked that day to go back cos on sunday we can rest and unpack our things. On sunday, most of us were so tired but we're happy with the family trip.


Sweettooth said...

why so brief one??? but i like your pic at aunt L's backyar...u in the greyish blouse :).

Dazzelyn said...

hahaha....nowadays u tak perasan ke, my blog is quite short n brief...hehehe...