Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Pa

Today is my Papa's birthday and he is 65 years old. I always prayed that he'll be blessed with great health and have good energy to travel every year like he's been enjoying it with my mama. I'm happy when they get to travel together to places they've never been before. They've so far covered half of the countries all over the world....little bit here and there.

Since today falls on a working day, I've planned that we make a simple supper for him tonite. My mom agreed to fry some karipaf. I'm bringing chicken satay, my sis-inlaw is bringing d cake and Aunty M has kindly voluntereed to bring fried mihun.

Chocolate Cheese Cake from The Zon (very tasty, none too sweet or too cheesy)

It was a nice n simple celebration. I'm papa is happy with the small gesture :)

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