Friday, November 14, 2008

Simply Penang Restaurant

Tis week has been a wet-week. Raining-raining especially in the evenings. We're suppose to go to Uptown but becos its raining, we settled for Simply Penang Restaurant in One Utama. We saw this place pun upon chance aje.

The place's ambiance not bad lar. Friendly staff.

Appetiser (Pandan Chicken) - tinyly wrapped...tak puas makan altho sedap lar

Appetiser Lor Bak (Nyonya Style Chicken Wrap with Taufo) - tis is nice

I had Asam Laksa without sayur...gosh doesn't look tempting at all. The girls said sedap but to me, i've tasted better Asam Laksa. Tis is a no-no!

Aunty M had Asam Laksa too...she liked hers!!

Cuzin F had Penang Fried Kuew Teow...she said not so good...i agreed!

Bee had Curry Mee...he didn't finish his...
I can tell you its not cheap and overall.....we think....hhmmm...i don't tink i'll go to this place again unless i wanna try their cendol...

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