Monday, November 03, 2008

Trip to Serikin & local dishes of Sarawak

The trip to Serikin on Saturday morning was nice. Weather was good. Its an hour hour journey from Kuching town. Huby drove the Storm while my parents were with my aunty and uncle. Serikin is a border between Kuching and Pontianak. They're so many cheap things you can get from Serikin, most of the people are Indonesia and some of the things like local keropok, kain sarong, telekung, blouses, imitation handbags were abundant.


Glad to get to sample (yet again) the local dishes of Sarawak. My favourite is the 'bubur-pedas', 'ayam pansoh' and 'linut.

First day at my auntie house. She served so much food but thank god, our stomach was so hungry (as she warned us not to eat anyting in between) and so we managed to sample almost all.

Steamed Empurau Fish (to me it sounds like 'emperor' fish). She said it costs RM750 se-ekor.

Bubur Pedas (i loike this dish, sedap!)

Engkalak (its a family of fruit). How u take it? U dip the fruit with salt and put the whole thing in your mouth. Just throw away its seed. Rasa macam lemak-lemak.

Ulam-ulaman (some are Sarawak's local ulam which you cannot get in Semenanjung)

Rojak buah with sambal petis sarawak

Stir-fry century eggs with onions and chillies. Its my fave!

Masak Asam Pedas Terung Emas

Ayam masak hitam

Sayur Keladi
2nd nite dinner at Top Spot.

So many types of vege to choose from.

Other fresh seafood

The place is quite cool lar. My first time there and they're so many people, the place was almost packed.

Stir-fry siput buluh

2 types of fish (Fried Jenahak Garlic Sauce & Steam Ikan Merah)

2 types of prawns (Butter Prawn & Udang Galah Grilled Cheese)

The fresh non-cultured udang-galah that we had

2 types of vege (Belacan Midin & Mixed Vege Oyster Sauce)

Grilled Squid (i didn't know how it is cos there were so many dishes to eat, i had to skip the squid)

Oyster Omelette (something different, nice and crunchy)


3rd nite at K's house (most of the dishes were homecooked by Uncle H)

This is the size of the RM 750.00 un-cooked Empurau fish

Linut (a white starchy thingy to be eaten with its sambal)

Steam Crab (fresh & juicy)

Steam Prawns

Ayam Pansoh (my fav, its chicken cooked in bamboo and its delicious)

2 types of umai - flown specially from Mukah (to be eaten raw & pre-cooked)

Botok (its actually made of fish good for digestion)

Steamboat (i didn't sample tis dish as i'm already too full)

Ulam-ulaman which includes buah dabai and mentimun (their famous local salad)

Some desserts

Having coffee before leaving for the nite.

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