Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cocktail d Luna Bar

Last nite the sales department were invited for a cocktail with our new CEO (of Turkey decendent) at Luna Bar. Luckily our sales closing was yesterday so everyone went with a happy heart. WE MADE IT!! Our sales achieved RM300++ mio this year.....clap...clap...clap... all with d hard work from the sales reps and of course other support staff from other departments who helped.

The 5 of us hop onto our colleague S car. We left office (after changing) at around 4:45pm. There were a massive jam (as expected) at the Federal Highway. We were in d jam for nearly 2 hours. We reached Menara Pan Global around close to 7pm. Needles to say most of the people were there but the place still not filled-up. Most of the people reached around 8pm. Our CEO's driver got lost and were held up somewhere.

For me, Luna is just a normal Club....exclusive lar...tapi takda lah exclusive sangat!! But its a great place to hang out and they've got breathtaking views at nite cos u get to see most part of KL city. Luna is nice cos the pool is sooo tempting, plus u get to see d crystal lightings of KLCC.

Behind us, KLCC

On the background, KL city

The finger food that were served were delicious especialy the chicken wings. And of course free flow of their in-house fresh juices, wine, beer and red wine.

Some of d pics of us @ Luna Bar.


Sweettooth said...

u look great by the way, should dress up more like this and style your hair that way too yeah ;).

Dazzelyn said...

hehehe...thks 4 d compliments...skali-skala ;)