Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ka Fei Dian Kopitiam

Weekends ago, bee took me to Amcorp Mall....rasa lama tak pi sana so i requested and he agreed to take me there. I wanted to look for a cocktail top cos we're having a cocktail nite with our new CEO from Turkey this coming Friday.

After the jalan-jalan (still no sign of cocktail blouse), tentulah dahaga kan. So we hop into this new place (our first time).

Its a small kopitiam at a little corner on the 1st floor.

Had its roti bakar (memang sedap dan di-rekomen). I had Iced Milo and bee had Iced Coffee...the drinks memang 'kow'!! And then the both of us ordered Otak-Otak. They heat it up and they're really really sedap!

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