Thursday, November 13, 2008

Simple Things in Life

My husband liked the simple things in life. He said he misses his childhood days when they used to stay in Seberang Perai, Taiping, Segamat and other places. When his late father was an estate manager, they are not used to stay at one place.

Most kids despise shifting but unlike huby. He said he doesn't mind going to new place, meeting new friends and going to new schools. He said its like an adventure for him getting to new school and having new friends.

He used to tell me about having home-made kuih made by the locals and selling at a very cheap price. Dah lah sedap, murah pulak tu. I know he misses staying at estates becos he said its peace and quiet. Later in his teens, his mom decided that they had enough of staying in 'jungles' and decided to stay in town instead.

Once in awhile, huby will take me to place like Taiping and other remote places just to enjoy a plate of pasembor or a bowl of cendol that still taste like old times.

Just last week, we went to Cheras and he took me to a place to go for 'Air Kelapa Muda'. Perghhh.....not only the coconut juice is refreshing, its also cheap. And the person who handles the stall just know what we wanted. Huby asked for a 'air-kelapa with not so much of isi'...and this is what we got...

Lotsa n lotsa of isi kelapa...

All the isi has been scrapped off..hehehe...


Its only RM2.00!! In KL??

Just opposite the Petronal gas station. You cannot missed this stall cos its just at the corner of Jalan Len Sen.


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allaboutattitude said...

Nothing beats fresh coconut juice on a hot Malaysian day