Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Hari Raya celebration

There is no celebration, if there are no food, relatives and visiting. Plenty of food is the number one 'must-haves' especially if you're hosting.

Cousins with some of their spouses

First day raya were at my parents place. Its always happening cos i don't get to be in the kitchen all day. I juz need to help out my mom for a bit and prepare the necessary for lunch. The rest were mostly entertaining guests which were my aunties, uncles and cousins. Of course meeting them once every 2 years is so precious. We get to be crazy, gossip and laugh of the best times with cuzzies.

After entertaining, we'll rest for awhile to prepare ourselves for dinner. Usually diner will be held at one of my auntie's house. Its a norm, i will usually go for her 'sup makaroni'....i missed my late grandma's ones. Then it will be second round of gossips, laugh and plenty of eating. At this auntie's house, we'll have a session of karaoke cos my uncles loves to show off their 'so-called' talent of singing.

Too bad i only get to see them once every 2 i'm the only couzin tat will usually missed out a lot!!

On the 3rd and 4th raya were spent at my inlaws. Usually we'll received guest coming to the house (not much of visiting tho), that's their way of raya. Most of the time, from breakfast time to lunch, i'll be "slaving" (figure of speech) myself in the kitchen to help out on preparing dishes (usually many types of main course). Of course there'll be many people in the kitchen plus the maid to help outlar. Later it will be entertaining guest and preparing the tables for 'makan'. Most of the time, it a tiring occasion but pays off when we mingle with relatives.

The fun time came when we visited 2 houses. That's when all the laughter and eating housework, hehe...

With my sister-inlaws.

But i guess raya is like that (plus its only once a year and tiring makes it worth it??!)! U tell me, hehe!! I enjoyed it this time around and met a lot of people that i only meet once a year.

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