Monday, October 20, 2008

2008 Teambuilding

I had so much fun during our 2008 teambuilding. We had a 2days/1nite stay at Alson Klana, Seremban (not PD...i donno why we're thinking we're going to PD...duh!!). We settled for its famous 'teambuilding' facilities. This year we're not that adventerous, so we settled for the low-course dynamic obstacle.

There were 7 of us in2 cars. Once we reached the hotel, we checked-in and had lunch at its Chinese restaurant. Settled for dimsum. Had their sharksfin. Bee and i used to frequent the restaurant years ago cos they served the best dimsum....but unfortunately, it deteriorated. Some of the dishes are not very fresh and the soup taste one kind too. Noodles were ok.

After lunch we all went to the hotel's greens and started the ice-breaking session. I must give lotsa credit to the facilitator, Ms. Wendy and her team as they were good. We all enjoyed all the obstacles there we're supposed to do. We braved the rain and did all courses successfully.

Later we go up to our room to change cos the next course is to meet at the pool area and build a raft where all 7 of us had to board the raft and paddle around the pool. This is the best of the best. The fun part was building the raft and then paddling it around the pool. At the end of it, everybody jump into the pool with our t-shirts on (altho the hotel strictly said no t-shirt).

I think the highlight of the nite was....chewah, tis one i 'perasan' sendirilah. They gave me a surprise birthday cake. I didn't have a clue. We were all lepaking at the lounge, listening to a 1 piece band playing to our requests and ....came the cake.

2nd day, after breakfast, we had tresure hunt. We're given a map. Firstly we had to find the grid to find the location of the hidden symbol. Once we found the symbol, we had to draw it on the paper given and were given only an hour to finished the course. We got a few good 'sniffers' who's just good at locating the symbol and we passed! Out of 21 symbols, we managed to get 15 right.

Altho on the second day I had a very bad cramp on both of my thigh (due to lack of exercise-lah kan) but i enjoyed the teambuilding very very much. Thanks to M for organising the teambuilding (altho i know she had to go thru our whinings and demands), thanks to L for arranging d logistics, thanks to S for providing transport and driving us there. And thanks to the rest for providing laughter and merry to the group. Of course to our ahboss for tolerating to our needs. Compliments to the hotel for having a nice pool and great teambuilding facilities. I had an awesome time!!


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