Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bigfood Cafe

There is a new cafe in town. Its called BIGFOOD. Catchy name rite. Bee took me there cos he has been passing by this area and has been wanting to take me here, so took me, he did!!

Nice place, i liked the deco, very cozy. The place were full house as we're about to finish our dinner.

Met the owner, En. Fauzi (he said he's the franchiser). He created the brand. Hubby chatted with him and he said it needed a minimum of RM250K to open this cafe. He has a brother who actually runs 'Pizza vs Satay' in Taipan USJ.

They served locals, pastas, westerns and the price are reasonable. I wanted the pastas but they only have carbonara at the moment at the tomato sauce are out of stock. So we settled for their western dishes.

Soup of d day - Chicken Soup (RM3.80)
Big portion, 2 people can share a bowl of soup. Not badlah.

Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce. (RM12.00)
The coleslaw is very tasty.

Fish & Chips (RM12.00)
The fish is good.

Hot Lemon Tea (very nice, i think they used imported tea-bag)
We gave some feedback to the owner. We told him to improve on their food services cos we waited about half an hour for the food. I wonder why cos i don't see the place lack of manpower but i guess the kitchen lack in assistant kot. He said the waiters are still in training and he just employed them yesterday (so its excuseable). And then, i don't like the way they did my french fries. Its a bit dry and hard. He explained that he is still training the chef. The fries is due to the frying oil being too hot. And bee's chicken is quarterly uncooked. He apologised and we didn't mind too cos they're new too.
If you wanna go to this place probably give them another two to three more months for them to improve more cos there are quite a few minot teething problems.
I wish them all the best but i can see the potential of this eatery place.
No. 28, Jalan Opera L U2/L
TTDI Jaya, 40150 Shah Alam
Contact Nurul at 012-9177873 for reservation.
You won't miss the shop as its a corner lot and the signage is simply bold!!

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