Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pancake House International

I've been wanting to take bee to this place for quite sometime. Got the chance to do it yesterday. Tis my 2nd time.

Food is good plus reasonable. Too bad didn't have much space left in my tummy for desserts. One day i must come just to sample their deserts...i must!!

We took the set which includes the ice lemon tea, our fave.

I had - Hot Roast Chicken Special Set. A mixed of hot roast chicken, taco, macaroni salad
and iced tea at only RM13.50

Bee had House Special Set. A delicious mix of specialities of the house: taco, speghetti with garlic bread, 1 piece of fried and iced tea at only RM15.00

Verdict. The food is definately tasty. The macaroni salad is good, speghetti is excellent and taco is just taco!!

Location : Ground Floor of Sunway Pyramid Mall.

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