Monday, September 29, 2008

My craves for chocolates & candies

I'm so happy when my sister inlaw had a flight to Cape Town and Amsterdam. Hubby and me quickly give some money and pesan some chocolates cos our ration is finishing....hehehe.

I received a Cadbury limited edition (Fudge & Biscuits)

Latest addition of Ritter Sport family (Cornflakes)

There's also Cote d'Or (our all time favourite). Plenty of chuncky hazel nut.

M&M, huby's fave. This time we got the 'medium' size. With multicolour. An M&M lover will know. Look at the extra colours (blue, red and orange)

Last but not least, Endearmints. Months ago, huby n i had dinner at Fish & Co. After dinner the waiter gave us 2 mini-packes of a 'mentos-like' mint. It is nice, i tell u!! Its soft and not too minty. We asked the waiter to give us another 2 mini-packets. And we asked him where did his boss puchase it and he said all the way from South Africa. And so, when my sis-inlaw made a trip to Cape Town, i didn't hesitate. I kept the packet of the mint and gave it to her and specifically told her to find it. Of course she didn't fail me. I'm so hapeeee to get this.


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