Thursday, September 18, 2008

I wanna learn to play drum

I'm suppose to post tis last July. My sister-inlaw bought a set of drum for her sons (lucky kids!!). So i tryout and kinda love it! I used to play drum when i was a cadet in the brass-band (Kesatria) during college years. In fact i wish i can play the piano or guitar. Can release tension, i tell u.

When i was in my teens, my mom used to send me for Organ classes.. But i didn't have the interest then, wuz too busy dating..hahaha... I learnt till grade3, i think. When i think about it now, i regretlar....sigh.

My nephew didn't have to go for classes and already he's mastering the art of drumming away. He said the only way, is to just beat it and get the hang of it. Of course if you wanna be a professional, you'll have to take classes lar.

I always 'berangan-angan' being in an orchestra, playing violin...i wonder why cos i have no interest in playing the violin. One day must go jamming with frens and release work tension!!


Sweettooth said...

Wah! This one I don't even know...abt you being in the brass band, biar betul! In the last pic, u look like a Mat Rock!

Dazzelyn said...

hahaha.....ya lar...i look serabai....hahaha. Betul, masa kat UiTM Kuantan, i tak suka that kesatria, so i joined the brass-band...hehehe...