Monday, September 15, 2008

McShaker from McD

Have u tried this? Bee n i went to McDonalds 3 nites ago. Actually i was craving for choc sundae (nope, i'm not pregnant yet!) and huby wanted to drink something cold. Off we went to McD.

Saw this new entry from McD and ordered . Okeylah boleh tahan. If i'm not mistaken few years back, McD used to bring this product here but now they're bringing it back due to popular demands, i think.

They will put ur fries in this paper bag.

Tear this packet and put into the paper-bag and 'shake-shake' to ensure all the fries get 'marinated'.

And eat! It has salty n spicy taste.

Okeylah, but i guess youngsters will love it and i think it has too much msg.

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Jackson said...

i think i should try this out!