Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Break fast at our home

I cooked again last Sunday. Tis time we invited Anty M, cuzin F and anty M's maid. Just the 5 of us. Just simple dishes jer.

Huby requested me to cook :-

Udang masak lemak cili padi with kacang panjang.

Mixed vege (carrots, french bean, cauliflower, baby corn, crab stick with black fungus)

Ichikabin Chicken (can u believe it?!! That's actually 1 ekor ayam??!!)

Steam White Soft Taufu

And then anty M kindly pot-luck. She cooked :-

Dendeng Telor (cuzin F and my fave...u can see there are 2 types of eggs here cos i liked it boiled while the rest liked it fried!!)

Sambal Kuah Sotong which is so pedas but also so sedap!! And all the sotong got telor...emmm.

Anty M bought some kuih.

And i fried some popiah which my mom-inlaws gave the nite before.

Cuzin F bought fruits (red apples, oranges & dragon fruits) which i terforgot to take pics.

We break fast with hot kampung black coffee and cold ribena.
Alhamdulilah the food semua habis....and 'licin'...hehehe...
Thanks to your company.

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Sweettooth said...

i prefer dendeng telur rebus too but on normal days i prefer sunny side-up than telur rebus.