Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wafers anyone?

Do you like wafers? I remembered vividly when i was small, we ate the only chocolate wafers that's sold in sundry shops. If i'm not mistaken 'Tobrerer'. At that time that was the best wafers in town.

New generations are more lucky. There's plenty of wafers with many brands that's been produced by local and overseas market. We used to eat Loackers but recently, bee saw one brand which is equally delicious and less sweet. They're made from Brazil and they've got plenty of flavours. Even more then the former brand.

If you go to any hypermarket, try to get this one...memang sedap!!

We're so crazy about it, we bought about 10 packets.

Neopolitan & Chocolate flavours

Caramel & Black Forest Flavours

Strawberry n Vanilla & Brown n White chocolate flavours
They're seriously nice, go get some.

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