Thursday, September 18, 2008

Berbuka at Sheraton Subang

Today we (my colleagues & me) were treated for buka puasa at Sheraton Subang. Food is good & plenty. They had it at their ballroom and there were so many people. They even had a small stage for some ghazal music being played by a 5 piece group.

If the price is less then RM100, i think i only ate less then RM50. They had small stalls in the ballroom and i tell you, i didn't go to all the much can you eat lar. Here are some piccas.

So far, i've been to hotels that served many types of hot drinks (eg. hot milo, nescafe & teh tarik). Their cold drinks were also aplenty. They have orange, grapes, bandung, air-mata-kucing, sugar cane & soya bean. So many type of liquid desserts, from pengat pisang, tau-fu-fah, bubur cha-cha, bubur pulut hitam, bubur sago, bubur kacang hijau, etc. Fruits were yellow n red watermelon, papaya, pineapple and dragon fruits. Of course there were many types of local kuih-muih and their speciality desserts like breadpudding, cheese cakes, jelly, etc.

Soups, they have at least 3 types of soup that goes with aplenty of bread-roll.

Small stalls were Popiah, Nasi Ayam, Pasta, Noodles, Roasted Lamb, desserts, etc. I didn't take much pics cos my batery went off.
But i hope there's no food wastege and i do enjoyed their delicious food.


Min said...


Selamat berbuka puasa to you.. I'm sure the buffet was good. :)

Dazzelyn said...

Thank u...u too..