Monday, September 15, 2008

Baked Macaroni

Last few weekend, i made baked macaroni. Its easy. But i do not follow its recipe as per in the book. Its up to u how much/how many you wanna use its ingredient.

Ingredients & method.

Boil macaroni (up to u) with some oil n salt and strain.

Mozarella Cheese (get the grated ones, its easier)

Sautee chicken (bite pieces) and sliced button mushroom with some oil and garlic.

I add 1 can of chicken & mushroom soup. (Its not in the recipe but i add it to add some moist n taste to my macaroni). Put in salt and pepper to taste n continue to stir till half-cooked.

Later put in green peas (i put green peas for some colour, its up to u). Continue to stir. Optional : add-in maggie chicken granules (for taste).
Once done, arrange the sauteed ingredient at the base of our pyrex/casserole dish (greese it first). Sprinkle (generously) with grated mozarella cheese. top with the remainder of the dish, and sprinkle the sparing grated mozarella cheese.

I've actually boiled some quail eggs (not in the recipe), this is just to add extra ingredient to make it tastier. U can arrange the eggs in between ur macaroni.

Mix 4 whisked eggs with some milk.

Pour into egg mixture over the macaroni. Bake in pre-heated oven till egg mixture is set.
I forgot to take the pics of the baked macaroni. But happy baking!

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