Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kek Lapis Sarawak

I guess not many people will appreciate kek lapis sarawak. However, i enjoyed eating them. My favourite is the chocolate-cheese lapis. The other day, my auntie from Kuching kirim the cake to my uncle who made a transit to KL before he goes back to his hometown in KB.

Kek Lapis Sisek Ikan
(Ada ke rupa sisek ikan??)
My anty gave me this one. Its taste quite alrite.

Kek Lapis Cadbury.
Can u see the cadbury chocolates in between??
This one is for my Anty M, but i persuaded her to let me try some.

After cutting it to bite-pieces, this is how it looked.


Sweettooth said...

i'm sure the kek lapis cadbury lg sedap kan? We got the colourful one, belum makan pun. I like the dark green and chocolate stripes best, who got that one?

Dazzelyn said...

i tink yg tu nobody gets. My mom pun dpt yg colourful punye...