Monday, September 22, 2008

Break fast at Tram Car

Last friday, anty M wanna treat us for berbuka. Since she's never been to Tram Car before we all went just in time for berbuka.

She made it clear that she wants us to order nothing else but western dish and no locals. We obliged lor.

Every western dish will come with hot bun n butter.

My barbeque fish n sharksfin soup (delicious n creamy)

Huby's seafood platter with seafood tomyam

Cousin F's black pepper sizzling chicken, salad n chicken soup

Anty M's steak with sharkfin soup.

Her maid's fish n chips (portion big) n mushroom soup.

The restaurant gave us some kuih n dates for berbuka before d main dish arrives.

Thank u so much for the great din-din anty M. God Bless U!


Miu said...

wow the western food look so yummy n the sharks fin soup? i hope it's comparable with chinese cook restaurants (not sure if halal)

makes me hungry now..

Dazzelyn said...

tis one is the western creamy type of sharksfin soup. I much preferred d chinese style...more yummy..hehehe..