Monday, September 22, 2008

Break fast at Seremban again

Last saturday, huby n i went back to Seremban again for break fast. Its my mom-inlaw's request for all her children to break fast together. And since all of her children are available, we obliged. Furtheremore i gain more, i get to learn new recipes from my MIL.

So much food to eat!! I managed to take some pics for ur view pleasure.

Lets start with Appetiser

Yam Cake before steaming process

Steaming process

Ready to eat - Yam Cake (home-made. its my huby's favourite and its yummy).

Popiah Goreng (yes, home made too. For those who have tried it, they'll say that its indeed out of this world!!)

Cucur Udang (my sister inlaw 'I' added tis dish tapi rasa mcm biasa lar)

Laksa penang (MIL's speciality). It is to be eaten with 'kuih udang'....d combination is memang sedap!! I ain't lying.

Meatball Speghetti (sister inlaw, 'O' cooked tis dish and its oso sedap!!)
Main Meals

Got Dalca Daging (i doono how's the taste cos there's so much to eat i didn't even touch this dish)

Masak Lodeh (same request from huby. I brot some back for my parents and they loved it)

Sotong Kunyit (another sister inlaw 'I' made this n tis is the only main dish i glutten, sedarrp!)

Ayam Masak Kuning Cili Padi (salai d ayam first, then its nicer)

Both huby and me went back on the same nite with our stomach so full till we barely can eat sahur...hehehe..

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Sweettooth said...

i don't get it, eat the laksa with the cucur udang minus the laksa noodles or together?