Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cheapest Ramadhan Buffet

Yes!! I think this is the cheapest among the cheapest Ramadhan buffet that i've been to.

Place : Ikea Cafe & Restaurant.

Went there yesterday evening. Huby knew about its cheap buffet few weeks ago but only yesterday we had the chance to sample the food. Last nite's crowd were full. They said during weekend, its even packed.
Pay only RM 15.90 each and you get tasty and delicious dishes. (Cheap hoh!)

The menus. Everyday its different menus.

Drinks (Soya Bean, Bandung, Sugar Cane, Plain water & hot tea)...wat more can u ask.

Plenty of desserts n fruits

Siput Sedut. We had it 2 rounds.

My plate. Eh, the 'terong sambal' memang sedap!!

Huby's plate. The lamb masouka is really tasty.

Last but not least, ice-cream to end our dinner.

I think both of us ate more then what we paid, its really worth it!! Afterall, how much can one eat rite!! Anyway, kudos to Ikea's chef cos most of their main dishes were tasty.


Sweettooth said...

cheap but the menu not my taste lah. i thot ikea buat buffet based on their cafeteria's daily food ;) itu yumyum lah.

Dazzelyn said...

biasalah u...kalau mcm ni bukan up to ur taste...u kan high taste, mana pakai taste-taste kampung camni kan....wateverlah!!!