Monday, September 15, 2008

Pick n Brew, Glenmarie

Didn't know 'Pick n Brew' has another branch in Glenmarie if not for its banner. I've been to the One Utama branch for breakfast quite some time ago (didn't post it in my blog cos i didn't bring my camera at tat time). Their bfast memang best!!

Ahboss wanna treat us for buka-puasa. Coincidently they're looking for a place to eat which is near the office area and not too expensif this time. So Pick n Brew came at the rite timing.

We left office at 6:50pm and just in time for buka puasa. Got the VIP room. Ambiance, nice and cozy. Food, tasty. But i wish they have more variety...i know what can u expect for RM30 rite, hehe. Those who tasted the bbq lamb said it was excellent (some went for seconds). Other dishes were good too. I especially liked its nasi kerabu and ayam masak merah....sedap!

Later we ordered their coffee n chocolate drinks which is not included in the buffet. Inclusive of buffet were air bandung and sirap lychee and teh tarik. They're famous for its coffeee, so my bosses enjoys them. (Its nice of Jackson to open-up their coffee bar which were closed due to puasa month....thanks Jackson!!).

Met Jackson Kah who owned the place. He's an avid blogger as well. Young, friendly and polite chap. He said the place was open since Nov 2007. He asked us about our opinion on the food or any comments. We told him to put as much banner cos not many people know his place. We left the place around 9pm.
I'm definately gonna introduce this place to my other colleagues. Surely they'll loved this place. I heard plans oredi that they wanna tryout Pick n Brew's lunch tomoro...good!! Its location is near our office which is convenient, the ambiance is great and the food is good!! Oya, they oso served breakfast.....I must go and eat after Ramadhan month.

Buffet is RM30 net per person.

Pick & Brew Restaurant
Wisma CNI 2, Jalan U1/17
Seksyen U1
Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park
40000 Shah Alam
Tel : 03-55691216


Jackson said...

HI Dazzelyn, nice meeting you yesterday and im so glad that all of you enjoy the buka puasa moment @ Pick n' Brew. Please come back for our western menu too next time. May b just give me a ring so that we can talk about food!! coz we both love food!

Dazzelyn said...

hahaha...yeah sure! Thanks for the hospitality. We'll sure come back for more... :)

BabyGD said...

sure or not memang best??? so boleh ler saya pergi hari jumaat depan? kena book dulu lah kan? ;p

Dazzelyn said...

yes babygd. i tink better book dulu. wah jauh datang buka posa...hehehe..

Jackson said...

Hi, it's me again. Pick n' Brew just launch a new Buka Puasa Promotion. Please come and try or visit our website @