Thursday, September 11, 2008

Long John Silver's (LJS)

I think i've written about this fast-food joint. I was first introduced to tis place by huby who ate its famous fish n chips in Singapore. We're so happy when they finally brought the franchise in M'sia.

I'm writing again becos, i wonder what happened to its franchise? There used to be an outlet in Plaza Masalam, Sunway Pyramid and One Utama but all of it had closed down. Now there is left with only 1 outlet which is in Mid Valley.

Yesterday, we had our buka-puasa there cos its not easy for huby n me to go to midvalley. We decided to have our meals in LJS as we donno how long it will around.

Oredi we think that the services has deteriorated. Yesterday we saw a customer 'tapau' some food and huby noticed that they no longer use a plastic bag which used to have 'LJS' logo, instead they uses the normal yellow color plastic bag.

I ordered hot tea.....and after putting in sugar n powdered milk, i was wondering why my tea taste horrible, afterall they use Lipton tea. Check-check, the 'not-nice' taste came from its creamer....LJS uses creamer from the hypermarket 'Cxxxxfour'...gosh!! What happened??

They used to have their own brand chilli sauce. But now they use Kxxball brand chilli sauce. And the best part is, its expired!! We make a complaint thru the waitress and she told her boss. We didn't wanna make a big fuss about it, after all its ramadhan. But i can tell u, their supervisor is damn rude!! Didn't even apologise and then he said its packet of chilli sauce is not expired. He said that is the manufacturing date. U tell me!! We ain't fool but like i said earlier, malas nak make it a big deal. But huby did make it a point to tell-off to one of its staff since the supervisor didn't wanna come out to see us. Even tho if they said the packet comes from the supplier, its their job to check and inspect the expire date-kan...!!!

Check it out.

I've no complain wth their food. Its fish n chips are still fresh, cruncy n tasty and up to its standard.

Its coleslaw also still good.

Their mushroom soup is okey.

For Long John Silver's people, we hope u would at least retain at least 1 outlet in Klang Valley. And please please improve in your services, attitude and quality control. If you wanna retain your customers, do something about it!!!


Sweettooth said...

ada ker EXP date dia kata MFG date??? he/she thot other ppl stupid like him/her kot!

I tried LJS once but tak hooked lah pulak.

Dazzelyn said...

i know not many malaysian suka makan fish...hehe...tapi Manhattan n Fish n Co laku pulak...sigh..