Friday, September 12, 2008

The Amazing Race Asia Season 3

Yezzz.....TARA is here..... Did u all watched it last nite? Bee n i surely didn't miss it!! Both of us are fans of The Amazing Race (be it USA or Asia). We try not to miss watching it.

So far i think the contestants were alrite but its too soon to tell cos we just saw the first episode. But they were rite about being the toughest race. Already seing the contestant trying to clean a bus!! Man, tats not easy.

I think, the host, Allan Wu have improved a lot in sense of hosting. And i can't wait to see them travelling to places or ceruk-ceruk yang kita tak kan pergi sendiri.

I'm glad our two malaysian team made it to top10 last nite. I donno what tough assignments they have to go thru next, i just somehow wished the prize money could be more. It feels so unfair cos for the US franchise, winners get to win USD1million but for Asia, its merely USD100 only, sigh.

So many celebrities this time around. Of course the pretty Thailand girls and 1 model-guy participant from the Philippines. Altho i noticed there weren't any participants from Indonesia and Japan. There's are two team from India and first time participant in TARA is from Korea.

I can't wait to see till it ends and see who wins. I'm definately supporting the Malaysian team.

Go Ida/Tania!!! (I think they don't take it seriosly but i guess they just wanna have fun)

Go Bernie/Henry!!! (I'm sure they're both strong team, very focus and hope they made it)

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