Friday, December 25, 2009

I missed Bubba & a visit to Otak2 Place

Its been a long time since we last went to bubba. Since i've not been to the SPyrmd branch, bee & i decided to tryout some of their dishes that we've not tryout....??

We shared a starter.....its fresh prawns with their delicious garlic bread....which is very yummy.

And a main dish....can't remember d name...but it has a shrimp & crabmeat filling....and i lurved it!!

Otak-Otak Place

We made a trip to this new place at the new wing in OU. Its our first time there. The menu looks like during our primary school writing book. Its quite unique in a way. It has a nice ambiance, very simple & kopitiam-like.

We juz felt like ordering the local dishes. We had 'nyonya otak-otak' for appetiser. Bee ordered curry mee and i had the asam laksa. Overall, the place was sorait lah.

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