Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Flea Market in town

A week ago, a friend, M, told me about this new flea market place. She knew that i liked flea market and she said that i should check out this new place. Unfortunately, she could not describe how to go there cos it was her boyfren who took her there. She only mentioned that it is somewhere in Kelana Jaya and near an apartment called 'Crimson'.

I told bee about it and he was also wondering where he heard the place 'Crimson' before. As you all know, this hubby of mine has a built-in radar or GPRS somewhere behind his brain. Two days ago after office, he said he wanna take me somewhere....wah...wat do u know.... its the flea market place that my fren was talkin about.

It has a unique name - "Niu Ze Xui". It's just behind the Kelana Jaya Medical Centre. There is a left turning where you have to go thru a small tunnel. The place is basically very-very new. The building surrounding this place is very nice. Quite a few shops that still doesn't have tenants. But the flea market were more or less completed. Most of the flea sells clothes, handbags, accessories, trinklets, etc. They even have Starbucks and Big Apple. You guys must visit this place, its quite happening. You can find shops that sell blouses at a bargain and with latest designs. You might be able to find adorable handmade lacey stuff there too, eg, tissue box holder, rubbish bins, lamp-shades, etc. Hey, the place quite happening you know. Its a must-go....i think on weekends, the place would be packed.

I'm definately gonna visit that place again. I went for a short visit cos i was too tired to walk as it's just after office-hours.

Thank you honey-bee for always surprising me with new places or things that i loike!

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