Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Company's Conference

Twice every year, the company that i worked with will held a sales conference. Our department are responsible to organise this huge event. There are about 350 employees and by default we're always the organising commitee...takda muka lain. This year L and me get to stay in Sunway Tower hotel cos we have to get to the registration by 6:30am. The session starts at 8am sharp, so by 7:00am to 7:30am, the people started coming in for registration oredi.

January will be the biggest event because it coincide with the annual dinner while the next conference will be held somewhere in June. So u see, we're always on the go, alwasy busy. Once the Jan's conference is over, we have to kick-start the June ones pulak and vise-versa. Usually June's conference is a bit low-key. Its always a 3 full days conference. Only the 1st day is the common session where everybody from all department meet-up for the conference. Other days are only for sales, medical and marketing deparment.

Its not about just organising a normal event, we have to have constant meeting and take into account about the agenda, food, logistics for outstation people, the theme, booklet, nametags, photograpgy/video technical av thingy, entertainment, poa materials, registration and kiosks. Gazillion of things to do man!!

This year's event went off without a hitch....thank god! This is an event where you can meet up with the outstation people. Its time for bonding and catching up stories. I get to meet up with the branch administrators whom we only liase thru the phone.
We'll have sleepless nite before the event and it always feels great when the event get over without a hitch!

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