Monday, February 04, 2008

PA Meetings

Last month hosted a PA meeting. Its actually a continuation from the PA meeting that we had in Malacca last year. We decided that it will be a quarterly affair and each PA from a department will host the meeting.

It has to be on a friday, usually around the end of the month. Its to be held in the morning, so breakfast has to be prepared. the budget for food will be bourne by the department handled by the PA.

Whenever i choose a menu, i'll try to ensure that we have a balance of sweet n savoury. I ordered roti jala, chicken curry, kuih serimuka, fruits (papaya n honeydew - so sweet) and i also prepared cereal n milk (just in case some of them are on diet). I was rite, one or two girls usually don't go for oily food so they can opt for cereals instead! And so nobody can complain!

There were a few issues that has been discussed. One of the issues were about Learning & Development that we needed. Our PA head will look into some of the programmes that we're interested like personal grooming, stress & anger management, how to create a homepage and etc. For Secretaries Week, there were suggestion to increase the amount of our voucher. To have the next PA teambuilding earlier this year, maybe August or September (before the fasting month) and to find a new place to have it. We've been to Avillion Port Dickson in 2006 and Equatorial Malacca in 2007. Hopefully we get to go somewhere else this year. The last discussions were about our short term goals (body, emotion, mind, spiritual and financial objectives).

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