Thursday, February 14, 2008

CJ7 & Hong Kong Delights

Happy Valentines Day!! I took leave today, need the break especially after the conference last month. Went to OU and get ourselves tickets to watch CJ7 since both of us are fan of Stephen Chow. Its about Stephen Chow who plays a poor father who can't afford to buy toys for his son. He then decided to pick one out from the garbage. It turns out to be a magical toy from outer space. From there, the adventure begins.

I think we put our hopes too high. Of course 'Kungfu Hustle' is great but emm...yeah there were a few laffable moments but not enough punch. There scenes were enought to make us forget after the movie. Probably cos we're too busy looking at the sub-titles. But the movie is so-so lar.

After movie, we planned to have lunch at the food-court, Arena. There is a new stall, Hong Kong Delight that offers dim-sum. My bro-inlaw recommended the place and said the dim-sum is good so we thot we'd try out. We ordered prawn cheong-fun, siew mai, century egg porridge, steam beancurd roll and fried cheese stick. There were delicious!! It is the same quality that we get if we eat dim-sum at a hotel. I think we'll definately to there again if we have dim-sum fever! Too bad the restaurant at Giant Kelana Jaya, named 'Chi' has closed down. If we have the cravings, we'd usually go there. But since we have Hong Kong Delights, we might drop by when the cravings comes, hehehe.

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