Monday, February 04, 2008

Saloon Visit

Last week M said she wanted to do digital perm and colour her hair. She asked me whether i'm interested to go to the saloon. Of course i said yes cos i cannot tahan having curls!!! Yeah, u heard that rite!! I know, i just had the curl last year November but now I have low tolerence in getting my hair to 'towel-dry' and then apply lotion for the hair to maintain the curls and what not. I'm so used to straight and stress-free hair. I just needed the hair to dry off by itself and apply a crystalised aqua-gel and i'm done and sometimes i don't even have to comb it!!

Last saturday we went to APT Professional Hair Salon in Puchong, the saloon has a few branches everywhere in Klang Valley. Its our first time there. Nice place! For those who's waiting or accompanying their girlfren/wife, they can surf the internet or read mags at a very comfy lobby.

View from inside the room

At first we sat at their normal area but then since both of us wanted to do manicure and pedicure, they asked us to sit at a VIP room. Then another fren S, who went to IOI mall in puchong decided to give us a visit, just to sibuk-sibuk, hehehe.

S pretending to be shampoo girl, clowning around wif M.

Before curl...................................after curl

Before cut & rebonding

After cut & straightening

I cut my hair shoulder length and get it rebond. Its my first time trying-out their ice-rebonding technique. They said its supposed to be better then the normal rebonding. Cost arnd RM400 plus meni & pedi. I'm quite happy with the results. M did her colouring and digital perm and it turned out nicely. Visit their website at

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