Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lunch at The Garden Terrace

This morning we had our department meeting. So much projects to handle and so many issues to resolved. We're supposed to have 'lunch-in' and so i ordered Pizza. I placed my order just 5 minutes before 11am. The operator assured me that they will send the Pizza by 11:30am or so. We were in the meeting room, discussing matters, 12noon, still no sign of pizza. I make a call at 12:30pm and follow-up with 3 more calls but no pizza!! They promised that a restaurant manager supposed to return my call but no calls. Wah!! I'm so mad. I told them that if the pizza arrived, we're not going to pay a single cent!! And i mean it!! The operator said its 'on the way'.....we patiently waited, its 1:15pm and no pizza. This is the first time we encountered this problem. Ah boss calls the shot and said we have to go out and eat cos everybody is already shiverring....hungry!!

Ah boss took us to The Garden Terrace at Glenmarie Golf Club. Its our second time there, we had ala-carte. There were I had Char Kuew Teow, M n L had Nasi Goreng Cina and Nasi Goreng Kampung respectively, S and M ate Cantonese Noodle, Ah boss ordered Fish Head Mihun and Rojak buah for starters. The food is tasty and its a generous portion. I liked the environment and the scenery, greens.

As we finished placing our order, Pizza Hut called! They apologized and said that their computer broke-down, (yeah rite!). So they said the will send the 1 large and 1 regular pizza that we ordered earlier for free. I told them that i've also ordered side dishes, eg, chicken wings, garlic bread, 7up, coleslaw and 1 pan vegetarian pizza. They said i have to pay for the extra's but the pizza is free. So i told them to fly kites. As we're feeding ourselves, another call came in from pizza hut. They said they'll send my orders FOC!!! YES!! Everybody's happy.

We had our cold pizza for tea-time......ah boss is amazed that his girls can really eat!!


Sweettooth said...

hahahaha padan muka Pizza Hut kan? syok lah u all makan berganda nyum-nyum.

Dazzelyn said...

itu pasal-lah badan pun sihat & tembam....hehehe...