Monday, February 11, 2008

Malacca Excursion

My trip to Malacca was so-so...mediocre. Nothing great! Probably cos i wasn't that keen. We left KL on the 1st day of CNY around 10am and reached Malacca town around noon. There was quite a jam before Nilai and Seremban highway. As expected, Malacca is full of tourist mostly Singaporeans and locals. Had lunch at Restoran Asam Pedas. Papa said we were lucky that day cos we managed to get a table for 6 and the place is packed with people. Papa said this place is famous for its asam pedas. For me, 'biasa jer'. Later checked in at Mahkota hotel n apartment.

Nite time, went to Umbai for dinner. Boy! Its not worth eating there. Its our second time there, the first time was not good and the second too. The food sucks, its expenstive (cos its festive holiday) and the service sucked too. After diner, we all went to town to see the ferris wheel. Didn't get the chance to go cos there were a long queue.

1st day, after breakfast, we all decided to tryout the hotel's recreational activities. Bro and SIL played pingpong while my parents and us played a game of carrom....and we let our parents win, hehe. Later papa played pingpong with huby, bro and SIL while mama n me played congkak. After the guys sweat out we went up to the room, take a breather n refreshens.

Later the guys went for Friday prayers and went to lunch to the same place we had yesterday. Then went to Malacca parade and Dataran Pahlawan. Late evening we all went for the 'Malacca River Cruise'. I think it the highlight of this trip. Altho we had to queue for nearly 45 minutes, the cruise journey was wonderful. We should be proud of the history in Malacca. If you have the chance, do take the 45minutes cruise.

For diner we're suppose to go to this place which papa said the 'asam pedas is power' but unfortunately they're closed. We end up having dinner at a food-court just next to Malacca parade before we settled back to our apartment.

2nd day, after breakfast at the hotel, all of us went back to the apartment, packed and checked out at around noon. This time huby, bro, SIL and me could not take any more of asam pedas and so we persuaded our parents if we can have 'Burger King' for lunch instead and they agreed reluctantly, hehe. After that we jalan-jalan and left Malacca at precisely 5pm. Reached Kelana Jaya around 7pm, went diner at Nasi Lemak Cikgu before settling back to home-sweet-home.

Next year's resolution during Chinese New Year, probably stay around KL???

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