Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Auntie M's Birthday

Went to Windmill Subang Jaya to celebrate Auntie M's birthday. We asked her what she wanted to eat, she said she wanna eat steak....huby mentioned Victoria Station but since i wanna eat oriental food, we thot Eden would be a fair choice cos they also served western n local cuisine. As we're about to make a turning at Subang Jaya, last minutely bee said, lets go to Windmill!

Its been a long time since bee n me last been there. We usually ate at the branch at One Utama but unfortunately the branch has closed down. Coincidently, cuzin F has never been there before, so its just nice. Furthemore auntie M don't mind.

That particular nite, they did not serve local food because of some promotion going on. Aunty M changed her mind, she had seafood platter instead, bee had it too, 'cute cuzin' had black pepper chicken and i had chicken maryland. Food oklar....can do lar.... We're too full to have dessert.

After diner, we go tokmak's house for coffee. And auntie M opened her pressies....she lurves all her pressies from us.


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