Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My nice Sunday

I'm so looking forward to go to Pavillion last Sunday. 1st intention is because i told bee that i really need to try the J.Co Donuts. I haven't be able to taste it cos everytime i wanna buy, the queue is too long and i have no patience. My 2nd intention is i'm looking for a sling bag and i haven't found the right one just yet. I need a new sling bag cos my old ones is giving away.....not!! Its just a reason actually for me to get a new one for my incentive trip to Hong Kong next month. I'm also looking for a good shoe and so far the ladies Nike shoe looks promising n comfy. I've checked-out Sketchers range and Marc Ecko but not my taste lah, hehehe.

As soon as we reached Pavillion around 11am, i quickly make a quik dash to J.Co and ordered half a dozen (only bee n me only mah) and keep it in the car back. Later went and jalan-jalan Parkson and Tangs. Alas, i found my dream sling bag, Braun Buffel. Initially I wanted a Balenciaga at Parkson but bee said not nice. After all 'somebody' paid for the belated Valentines gift hehe.

Later got a call from a couple fren, A&S. They wanted to meet us for dinner. We agreed to meet up at 8.30pm. Last minutely we agreed to meet up at Cozy Corner. Its bee n my 5th time having dinner there. We still enjoy the food there. Tup-tup, A&S treat us dinner, tak sangka pulak. We don't mind 'going-dutch' but i guess its 'rezeki'.

Then we adjourned to Oldtown Kopitiam at Seksyen 17. I've never been there before and i can tell you, we're gonna frequent that place. A nice place to hang-out and lepak for coffee. We ordered 'roti-bakar' and coffee. The last time we met was during the fasting month, thats about 3-4 months ago, there's so many stories to exchange. I asked them for some tips about Hong Kong and we part ways exactly past midnite.

Oya in the evening, i get to sample my first J.Co Donut......memang out of this world!! My personal opinion (and huby agreed!), its better that the other 2 famous donuts. J.Co rocks!! Sedap giler. Memang sedap!! I definately want a dose of it this coming weekend....sedappppp.....Each of us get to sample 3 each...and all flavours are just so sedap!!


Sweettooth said...

HK...eiiii bestnyer! J.Co lazat kan?

Dazzelyn said...

J.Co....undescribable the lazatness, hehe...