Monday, February 04, 2008

Kelana Seafood Restaurant

My family, my inlaws, other relatives, bee n me enjoys the food at Kelana Seafood. Its is so famous, i'm sure many people are aware of this place. To me, its the only restaurant that served Halal Chinese food with reasonable price. We tried to eat there as regularly as possible especially nowadays cos we heard that its going to close-down to make way for new buildings.
Two weeks ago, the two of us went for early dinner during weekday. We had their famous crispy honey squid, kangkung belacan and lemon chicken. Bee had sharksfin soup, i sort of forced him to have it cos i always eat it with office people. The food is still yummy.

Last week, we took our parents, bro and SIL pulak. We had fried siakap with sambal sauce, vegetable soup, chicken with chilli & cashew nut, taufu with crabmeat, crispy squid and butter prawns. Later Ms. Leong (the supervisor) gave us fruits as complimentary.

None of their staff knows the exact time they're closing down but we hoped that they will open in some another building. It will be a waste if they didn't want to continue their prosperous business.

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