Friday, December 21, 2007

PA Get Together, Pre-Xmas Lunch & Xchange Gift

Had lunch a Eden Subang Parade for the PA Get Together plus exchange gift. Everyone ordered like we've never eaten for weeks. Everyone of us had the same goal next year, to lose weight.....but by the way we ordered food....!!

After the starter which is dimsum, soup and main dish, i tot everyone is too full to eat but boy! was i wrong. We ordered sumore....dessert....but most of us share lar...1 dessert n 2 ppl sharing.

We all had the exchange gift in Eden at a Private was well organised by the MD's PA and everybody get to go home with nice gifts. L got my gift which was a Marks & Spencer Shower gel, while I get a soft toy... I liked mine!

For everyone who celebrates Xmas, Have a Wonderful Merry Xmas!

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Sweettooth said...

is that doreen nxt to u?