Friday, December 07, 2007

Lala Chong Restaurant

Went to Lala Chong near the old airport in Subang for the department lunch. Gosh, all 5 girls went into Ah Boss car. Today's weather very wet....rainy and cooling. We all pig out like nobody's business.....cooling u tend to eat more...

We had Soup ala-sharksfin (but no sharksfin lar)...its colour pucat but its taste..sedap

Fried Garoupa with Thai sauce

Lala soupy-steam (its sooo fresh...)

Paku Pakis Belacan

Butter Prawns (with plenty of butter n curry leaves to savour)

Crispy Squid (i don't quite like its rubbery texture)

Sizzling Taufu (so soft n tasty)
We all wacked all the food n none left...back to office....sleepy wor....

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