Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Selangor's Public Holiday

Happy Birthday to His Royal Highness, Sultan Sharaffudin Idris Shah, the Sultan of Selangor. Thank you for the holiday.

Its nice having Tuesday as a public holiday for the Selangorian people. Bee and me took the opportunity to go KL. This time with Anty L from Kuching and Uncle W n family from Kota Bharu plus Anty M.... the same clan....hehe.

Went to Pavillion KL. Reached there 10:30am, lucky thing there wasn't a bad traffic jam. We took the Federal Highway and surprisingly its a smooth ride n bee took them thru the SMART tunnel, just to show them the new RM2 billion tunnel which i've been to so many times... Just wana make them impressed with KL's latest technology lar...hehe.

Anty L wanted to go Parkson to buy her son some shirts and pants. Then we all went to Food Republic for lunch. The place was packed during lunch, lucky thing we managed to get a table for all 9 of us. Lunch was good. After Pavillion we all had to head home cos Anty L had an 8:50pm flight to catch. Uncle W n Z sent her to KLIA while the rest of us bid farewell from KJ.

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