Monday, December 03, 2007

Wedding in Salak Tinggi

At precisely 7:30am on Sunday morning of 2nd Dec 07, bee, mama, papa and me were already waiting for another 2 cars at the USJ toll. The 2 cars came around 7:45am and we all convoi to Bandar Baru Nilai. We're attending my cousin-brother 'R' wedding, mama's brother's last son getting married.

Theme of the day : RED & WHITE. All mama's adik-beradik were in their best red outfit and everyone came full force. My uncle (the groom's dad) was very pleased as everyone came on time, in fact all of us were extra early. My bro was the first to reached there, later it was me n family and Uncle Nash family. Followed by other relatives, all the happy people.

My aunty (the groom's mom) is a creative person and all the 'dulang hantaran' and the groom's room deco is from her creativity workmanship.

In the morning was the Akad nikah which was held at a nearby mosque. After the akad, everyone goes back to cousin 'R' house. Rest and wait before heading to the 'bersanding' ceremony at a nearby dewan. Both bride & groom looked resplendent.

Tis a very happy moment for everyone. No pressure, no tension, just happy people, happily gathering as well as feasting and catch up on latest gossip. Altho' we're tired becos of the hot weather and all but we all enjoyed ourselves!!

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Sweettooth said...

i love ur update...better than mine. i tgh malas when i updated mine hehehee. i curi some photos, they're beautiful! thanks again...MUAHS!!! This Saturday hopefully everything goes well..insyaallah. THANX FOR ALL THE HELP & SUPPORT!!!

Dazzelyn said...

hey...anyting 4 ur kind parents n family lar...I did the blog simple cos i tot i wana let u do d most...hehehe...