Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Make Over at Guerlain

I was given an invitation to attend a make-over at Guerlain, Pavillion last saturday. My dearest cuzzy, 'sweettooth' got the invitation from Women's Weekly and hence invited me! I was so ready to go and looking forward for the make-over cos i've been wanting to go to one for quite some time but didn't get the chance.

So here, i'm at Guerlain and my cuzzy coudn't make it. But am happy for her cos she's gotta attend another prize giving ceremony at the Garden's Midvalley (she won yet another great gift). I suppose its a better and bigger event, so better for her to attend that one instead of this one...hehehe.

I reached Guerlain on time cos its stated from 3pm - 4:30pm. We have to fill-in some forms and were given refreshments, a specially made cocktail drinks and finger snacks from Zang Toi cafe. While i mingle with some girls there and get to know them, the Brand Manager, Ms. Stephanie introduced us to the make-up artists, Ms. Jocelyn. There's Ms. Dian who willingly volunteered to be the make-up model.

Jocelyn explained to us the step-by-step on making up our face. 1st of all is to ensure that we clensed our face thoroughly. Later we were told to put on some toners and moisturiser. Then apply eye cream for those who have eye-bag. Then apply make-up base which has an SPF 13 and a concelear to hide some dark spots. After putting in concelear, apply ilumminator to cover the concelear. Then use a powder foundation by using a lighter stroke with brush instead of sponge. Jocelyn showed us how to do up eye-shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lipstick. Lastly put the finish up by putting on Guerlain famous meteorites powder, for some glowing effects. Walah....its done. The model's face turn out nice.

At the end of the session, we're told to look for any interesting product at the counter before bringing back a goodie bag from Women's Weekly which contain a December issue mag and 2 Guerlain cream products.

I've gain some interesting tips on make-up and i thanked my cuzzy who's given me this opportunity to attend this session. Thanks Nin....opppsss sory...thanks sweettooth!!

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Sweettooth said...

part refreshment tu yg tak tahan tuuuu...fr Zang Toi Cafe occay...jelessss. anyway, i'm so glad it turned out well but i stil teringin sgt nak go wif u. nxt time perhaps.