Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Exchanged Gift

Our SOD champion, M organised an exchanged gift party in the office last Wednesday. Before the exchange, all of us were treated to Inns of Four Season Restaurant in Holiday Villa for chinese course lunch. Its also to celebrate our SD's birthday in advance.

We had the ...same ol' thing....everyone's fave food on the table. We started with hot n sour soup, and the rest of the dishes came together, fried rice, steam cod fish, prawn with quaker oats, brocolli n scallops, crispy chicken and honeydew n sago.

Later we sang birthday song and were treated to the sinful chocolate was delicious.

Back to office, we all went into ah boss's room and put all our gifts. Since i wanna have the mood, i used ah boss's computer to log into 'You Tube' and put on christmas song, Jingle Bell. It did get everyone in the moods of giving...hehehe...

We tag those gift with numbers and everyone draw lots. Those who got their own number have to draw lots again. (That happens to me).

Before we draw lots, we gave our SD a christmas gift which we chipped-in together. Its a tie which his PA bought at Parkson.

Once he opened the gift, we started our exchanged gift.

I got an adorable gift....a teddy bear coin box....i lurved it!! And my colleagues put some money into it oredi...blessed them!!

Ah boss got my gift....a canister and a 'golf-ball' cocoa-vanilla hand-wash.

Everyone with their gifts!

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