Friday, October 09, 2009

So Sweet...

All i can say is, its soo sweet of u guys....THX a lot....of course i didn't expect it except that i noticed suddenly our department was so quiet...i was wondering where were u guys...rupa-rupanya...

Its a Marble Cheese from SR. Donno whether its me or wat...but today d cake taste damn good!!!

I was trapped, d girls got me on a 'one to one' discussion with ahboss while they 'sebok-sebok' got get d cake n call d others.

Thx L & all, for cutting n distributing da cakes.

Suddenly, i'm 'sweet 16' again..hehehe...

Lunch was at Eat Workshop, Glenmarie

The usual Soup, Ceasar's Salad, Dory Fish, Salmon, Seafood & Steaks.

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