Friday, September 28, 2007

Frens get-together @ Eden

Today is friday, wohoo!! I'm was so in the mood to meet people, take pics and blog!! Today is the day i met huby's frens + partner, something that he n i always looked forward to. We're supposed to meet up every year during Ramadhan for sort of a reunion, catching up on things and get crazy making jokes and laugh-out-loud. But somehow we skipped for the past few years.
Alhamdulilah, managed to have it this year. Boy!! it was TOTAL fun!! Huby n me had a blast!! There were 4 couples (3 married couples and 1 couple, belum kawin lagi). 1 couple has 3 boys (the kids were at home) while 2 of the married couples are still honey-mooning. The other couple, well, hope we get to eat their nasi-minyak soon.

At precisely 4pm sharp i left office and head straight home. After a short lepak, refreshes ourselves and head to Subang Parade. Since huby is always the 'event-organiser', we made booking early, that is since last monday. Managed to recce the place first and quickly decided to have the get-together there. We've eaten at Eden a few times before but we've never been to the downstairs's section. We simply love the ambiance (cosy and elegant). Lucky to get reservation too cos the restaurant manager said the place is always packed.

This year we decided not to have in KL hotel cos we're doing it on Friday and there's always massive jam at highways and these guys just dreaded traffic. Glad, they agreed to meet at Eden, Subang Parade. I'm so greatful that all of them turned up!! Despite after-office-hour and 'mengharungi' trafik-jam, they make a point to come, alhamdulilah. 'SA' wasn't feeling too well but she just forget about it and come with her beloved huby. 'GN' took LRT from KL to meet his wife at Amcorp Mall station and the wife 'korbankan' masa dengan menutup kedai dgn awal. Thank you guys!!

The selection of menus and food taste are 'thumbs up'. We tried everything, from their dimsum, prawn fritters, paru masak lemak, pari masak asam, lamb chop, black pepper beef, chicken with plum sos, nasi tomato, bubur lambuk, satay, ulam-ulam range, kwayteow, mee/mihun nyonya curry, pasembor, seafood tomyam, mushroom soup, rojak buah, a few range of keropok and kacang, lotsa kuih, arrays of desserts, fruits, many types of drinks - teh-tarik, airbandung, cincau, ABC, sirap selasih at every table and the list goes on. Memang tak rugi pegi and worth our every cents. Glad the guys loved the place too. Plus the food is just so good, value for money!! Per couple pay less then RM100. They change menus' every week. Starting every Saturday.

Buat gathering kat hotel tentu rugi cos most of the time we're just chatting, laffing, chatting, laffing...sampai sakit-sakit perut and keluar air-mata!! Alhamdulilah, all came before the buka puasa announcement. Huby asked 'GN' to 'baca-doa' before berbuka.

The reason of this get-together is also for huby's good fren who is gona introduce his new gf to us......konon-konon nak mintak blessings n approval from the 'big bro' lah, hehehe. And of course approval from the other guys too. I (no komen)....too early to comment...heh...heh.

Well, everything turns out to be ok. The interview sessions turns out to be a 'merapu' time for all of us, especially with 'GN' and huby's antics. 'AH' also played his part well and his other half is beginning to be good too (thumbs-up guys!). I guess, most of us are just so comfortable with each other just like the good ol' days. Pity the new girl....quite lost too...but we tried to make her comfy with our gila-gila. For us, as long as the guy suka, kita pun kira ok lar. Janji boleh ngam dgn semua orang.

I was so looking forward for this gathering that i managed to pack some goodie-bags for the girls. Inside were many corporate gifts mainly from my office....konon nak promote company skali...hehehe...i mean why not, the company has plenty of gimmicks. Plus i pack some chocolates in a zip-lock bag. Tak sangka pulak the girls were so appreciative and happy to receive it. Huby was so proud of me....hehe....we made a good team!!

Its was total fun and hillarious!! Imagine sesekali jumpa, memang havoc dibuatnya!! Sampai tak sedar that its almost 10pm and most of the tables were empty. The waiters were already clearing the tables. We had to be considerate to one couple who stays in Keramat, KL. So the fun had to come to an end, itupun semua liat nak keluar. By the time we were outside of Eden's entrance, we all had another stop to chat sumore...tak cukup-cukup??

P/S : 'SA' n i do felt sometin is missing. A dear person who's close to our hearts n used to be in this crowd but just cuden b there cos she's moved on. Ada rasa weird sikit lah....tapi apa nak goes on...

One thing for sure, i know those guys enjoyed more cos they've been frens for a long-long time. Since their schooling days to bachelorhood to marriage, for almost 20 over years. Most of the jokes were during their nostalgic time. We didn't mind cos as their spouses, we knew most of their jokes and still laughs at it. Husbands and wives get along fine with each other so well! No boundaries, takda malu-malu atau nak jeles-jeles, purely convenient basis. Since most of us are married, jadi some of the jokes are non-censored larr....lagilah havoc...tapi takdalah sampai vulgar. 'SA' quoted "great food, great crowd, great time" her words says it all!!.

These are real frens, after all these years, they're still the same. We respected each other and we believed in humbleness and being down to earth, regardless of the achievements in their lives. I think that keeps this frenship going strong and intact. Insyallah, harap-harap sampai ke tua nanti.

Next meeting? Hopefully to one of the couple's new crib (SA/AH). They've shifted to their own new house but none of us had the chance to visit their place yet. There have been plans that we all do a 'pot-luck'...hopefully it will materialise. Cos i know we're gona have a blast again!! Or maybe to some kenduri kawin?? Insyallah, with God's will, which-ever comes first.

Tis pic were taken years ago. Most of us so thin n young...gosh!! I took this from my photo album, so its not so clear. If i'm not mistaken its taken in 1998.

2007 pics. Taken after berbuka puasa, when most of the other customers left. D girls with their goodie bag; courtesy of yours truly.


Sweettooth said...
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Sweettooth said...

OMG!!!!! this is so unexpected....gulp!!! btw, he looks OLD wakakaka *wicked laugh* and the girl in her mid-twenties? at least she looks like a nice girl.

i went to eden on Sat and ALMOST nak terpergi that same Friday ok...bayangkanlah....heheheee...

who's that missing person u n SA talking abt?

Dazzelyn said...

of courselah u....we missed u. if only u were there, it will be almost perfect...dun u tink so?? we both felt it u know.

she's mid 20s orait.

Sweettooth said... shweet of u gals, me missed u gals too. kita hanya merancang, tuhan yg menentukan kan. eh email me longer stories lah beb. here kenot talk long-long one ;P