Thursday, September 27, 2007

DQ Merpati

Went to DQ Merpati at Amcorp Mall again. Wanted to get some nice bracelet for myself, maybe rose quarts or jade. I'm now into stones. But i was so in no mood and didn't get anything from it. Whatever that i see that day doesn't interest me. That's one bad trait in me. My moods will overule my interest. If i don't have mood for it, i'll just don't do it.

Huby's fren's wife is so nice. I didn't get myself anything but she end up giving me something. This is the proud owner of DQ Merpati. A nice and sweet lady.

I got myself a unique 'tasbih' made from semi precious stones. Huby also got a gift, a 'butang baju-melayu'. So nice of her.

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